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July 8, 2016, 12:00 AM

An Appalachain in Dallas

I had the great honor of living right outside of Dallas, TX in Garland, TX while attending Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University. I would drive daily into downtown for seminary classes. I drove through all different parts of town and enjoyed the diversity. One of my favorite parts of being in Dallas was going to the grocery store and hearing all the languages as I would shop.

One day while driving home from school, I was side swiped by a large working van and taken across three lanes of traffic into a light pole. My first thought was I hope my computer with my paper due the next day is not
damaged. I suddenly found myself in a housing complex that some would refer to as government housing. As I sat in my car in shock checking to see how I was feeling two people headed my way, a large man with a muscular frame and a short petite woman. The man was caring a crow bar and I began to be concerned. They approached me and I was fearful. Soon after I realized the gentleman had brought the crow bar to make sure I could get out of the car. After he realized I was not in too bad of shape he proceeded to track down the driver of the van and bring them over to where I was.

All of this happened so quickly. Police were called and the ambulance showed up. When the police arrived on scene the female officer asked me what I was doing in this part of town. I told her I drive this way daily on my way to seminary. She suggested I be careful and went on to take the statements.

I noticed the female that had helped me and never left my side had a tattoo on her arm with the word “Jewel” on it. She told the officer she wanted to help but would not give a statement. I looked at her perplexed. She told me she had some history with the law and was afraid to risk her safety and her kids well being. I looked nicely at the officer and told her this woman helped me is there no grace with that?
A statement was taken and the accident was file with no repercussions for the lady. My husband arrived and the paramedics checked to make sure I was ok.

That was the day a white preacher woman was saved by two black lives that matter. And a white female officer offered grace where it was desperately needed.

Peace I pray for peace today and that we would seek each other’s hearts not each other’s skin color.

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